Invited Speakers

(more updates coming soon)


Prof. Haleh Ardebili
University of Houston
Department of Mechanical Engineering

"Flexible and Stretchable Li ion 
Batteries based on Solid Polymer 
Nanocomposite Electrolyte"


rhedden_2011Prof. Ronald C. Hedden 
Texas Tech University 
Department of Chemical Engineering 

"Combinatorial Screening of Pervaporation 
Membrane Materials"


BMHphotoDr. Brian Habersberger
Dow Chemical Company

"Heterogeneus Deuterium Distribution 
in Commercial Polyolefins: Measurement 
and SANSĀ  Model" 


iovuProf. Mihaela Stefan
UT Dallas
Department of Chemistry

"Functional Polycaprolactones for 
Micellar Delivery of Anticancer Drugs"


Prof. Peter Wolynes
Rice University
Department of Chemistry

"Towards an Energy Landscape Theory 
of Chromosomes"


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